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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Potting, Re-Potting and Ready to Eat

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Just a quick note about a few pieces.

Firstly, I have potted my new Moroccan Mint, presenting:

New Mint 27-07-15 New Mint 27-07-15 (2)

Essex Mint

(Currently on the patio table facing South and East)

Moroccan Mint

Mentha spicata

Five plants delivered through the post via first class mail from Battlesbridge, Essex and planted on Monday 27th July 2015

Not a very original name as yet but now I have a Kent vs Essex mint battle – who will give me my first cup of tea? Have been waiting so long.

Secondly, I have also noted that Luke’s Pitcher is now fully open and waiting to receive whatever morsels are tempted within. Looks absolutely magnificent. Have always preferred sundew to pitchers but I must say that with Pitch doing so well and Luke now also getting in on the act the pitchers are certainly competing for my affections.

Luke 27-07-15 Luke 27-07-15 (2)

Thirdly, last and by no means least – I have finally attempted to tidy up, sort out and re-pot Snake. Following the instructions on http://www.gardenbanter.co.uk/united-kingdom/183358-help-please-houseplant-mother-laws-tongue-dying-no-idea-what-do.html I removed the soil and as much rotting vegetation as I could. Two parts were saved, the main part of the plant which has been replanted in the centre and another separate leaf which I re-planted at the edge of the pot which is a lot larger. Having never seen the roots of this plant I was quite struck that some of the base of the leaf stems was quite a vivid orange – whether this is a sign of rotting I do not know but if that is true then all may be lost. The pictures below at least give a flavour of what I encountered and quite what the orange and red stuff was I do not know, it was the colour of peppers. Very bizarre. It looked like it needed removing but now I must leave it in the lap of the Gods.

Snake 27-07-15 Snake 27-07-15 (2) Snake 27-07-15 (3) Snake 27-07-15 (4) Snake 27-07-15 (5) Snake 27-07-15 (6) Snake 27-07-15 (7)

Snake is currently residing in the kitchen in a fairly sunny spot. I won’t be watering him for a while but we will see what happens in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed.


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