Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Dendritic Reflective: Week 57

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Here is my review of progress after fifty seven weeks:

Absolutely scorching in London this week although there is still a cool breeze. I would normally expect this to have disappeared by now but it appears to still be with us. The thermometers on the South Eastern facing windowsill are both showing temperatures of 40°C, due to the cloudless sky and the sun shining directly onto this area.

Dare I say, at the risk of jinxing further nasty surprises, but the building work on the outside of the house appears to have been completed. The triffids are still on the patio table under the protection of the large umbrella but as I must also fear the umbrella up-ending the table sending the triffids flying if a stormy gust of wind takes hold, I should probably return the triffids to their normal spots. However they seem to be flourishing in their new locations so I think I may leave them there for another week and review.


The Basil Brothers

Basil 19-07-15 Basil 19-07-15 (2) Basil 19-07-15 (3) Basil 19-07-15 (4)

The basil is still doing very poorly with only the extremities of the original brothers remaining green. I think I will take a cutting of the green leaves on show and try and re-plant.




Pitch 19-07-15 Pitch 19-07-15 (2) Pitch 19-07-15 (3) Pitch 19-07-15 (4)

This lad continues to improve at a phenomenal rate. What more can I say. Whatever life throws at him he just keeps going. May possibly move him back into the stronger sun as this is what he likes but in the very strong sun seen recently, his water tray goes dry every two days or so and I am beginning to run out of rain water stores. If he copes well in the shade I may well leave him here. August is the hottest month and I need to start rationing my water.




Luke 19-07-15 Luke 19-07-15 (2) Luke 19-07-15 (3) Luke 19-07-15 (4)

Yawn. Nothing continues to happen. Even in this spot this water tray goes dry far too often and I am going to have to replace the tray with something similar to that used by the others.




Sunny 19-07-15 Sunny 19-07-15 (2)

Sunny has responded impressively to the more shady relocation. Definitely worth leaving her here for a while longer whilst she recovers.




Drake 19-07-15 Drake 19-07-15 (2)

Drake looks a little pathetic in the pictures above but I assure you that this is merely the change of angle. Drake normally prefers half shade and is the only triffid normally resident on the South West rather than South East facing windowsill. This means that the current conditions should suit him pretty well. Will review next week.




Piggy 19-07-15 Piggy 19-07-15 (2) Piggy 19-07-15 (3)

Was more worried last week about the effect of the paint flecks on Piggy than on any of the other triffids. One week on there are no noticeable signs of any harm being done, although it was always going to be likely that the effects could not be felt for weeks and even months. Another candidate for being moved back earlier than the others although last year I did fear a bit of scorching in sun similar to that at the moment. Will review next week and keep a close eye.




Venus 19-07-15 Venus 19-07-15 (2) Venus 19-07-15 (3) Venus 19-07-15 (4) Venus 19-07-15 (5) Venus 19-07-15 (6)

It’s getting crowded in there. The daughter of Sunny has certainly benefited from a week in the shade with those sundew leaves enlarging rapidly and more on the way. There is no visible growth with the circular sundews but in a small pot they continue to take up a significant surface area. Meanwhile Venus herself continues to grow and develop new traps at a pretty rapid rate. There are also signs of the largest traps feeding on something although I have no idea what is left in that front trap.




Aphro 19-07-15 Aphro 19-07-15 (2) Aphro 19-07-15 (3) Aphro 19-07-15 (4)

Aphro looks like the move to more shady climes has also had some benefit. There are so many traps in that pot now and there are a few signs of new growth in the pot. The largest traps both seem to have been eating spiders or daddy long-legs or some such and there are several other traps that have closed with potential kills inside so this area certainly seems to be more fruitful for prey. Will review next week to see if this could be a better position during the hottest part of the summer.



Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

Mint 19-07-15 Mint 19-07-15 (2)

The sisters are not as impressed with their move. Have been trying to give them a bit more water than I have before but the leaves are looking pretty scorched and the white mottled spots on the leave do not seem to be paint but it seems that the rusting has taken hold, earlier than last year – although I do not think that it was this hot until later in Summer last year so this may account. Perhaps I will need to find an even more shady spot for the sisters.




Gronda 19-07-15 Gronda 19-07-15 (2) Gronda 19-07-15 (3) Gronda 19-07-15 (4)

There are no signs of any more of the leaves having died or beginning to die over the last week. It is very hot and I have been regularly spraying Gronda’s leaves whilst also watering the base of the stems with rested tap water every week or so, or often when the plant is looking particularly droopy. If outside on the external windowsill it is registering over 40°C then it is certainly possible that the sun coming through the South Eastern facing kitchen window is making Gronda’s spot very hot. So far this year there has been very little humidity when it has been hot and thus Gronda is probably getting little water himself. A few new leaves still developing though.




Hulk 19-07-15 Hulk 19-07-15 (2)

Despite the hot position near that South Eastern facing window there is no sign of particular spine droopage. This is a cactus after all. Watered last week so will not be watering until I see signs of droopage.




Snake 19-07-15 Snake 19-07-15 (2) Snake 19-07-15 (3)

Something is going seriously wrong with this plant and now more of the upstanding leaves are beginning to lose their rigidity. This has been the first stage of death in all other cases. Have now relocated to the kitchen so the plant will get a lot more sunlight. Will not water yet but need to do some internet research about what’s going on before more leaves suffer the same fate. Such a shame.




Flapjack 19-07-15 Flapjack 19-07-15 (2) Flapjack 19-07-15 (3)

Flapjack continues to grow very well. Gave him a drink last week so will now not water for a while. The original remaining part of the plant is looking increasingly more and more dead but still cannot quite bring myself to remove it, just in case. Viva Flapjack.


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