Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Happy Hargrave Birthday (Dendritic Reflective: Week 52)

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Here is my review of progress after having some of the triffids for an entire year:


The Basil Brothers



Basil 13-06-15


Basil 13-06-15 (2)


After a year it could not necessarily be said that the Basil Brothers are looking better, the plants are now very tall but it is the lack of foliage that is the most striking issue twelve months on. Cuttings time!!




Pitcher 15-06-14


Pitch 13-06-15


Pitch 08-06-15 (2)


Pitch 08-06-15


Pitch 08-06-15 (4)


Pitch 13-06-15 (2)


Pitch 13-06-15 (3)


Pitch 13-06-15 (4)


Pitch 13-06-15 (5)




Whether Pitch has improved or declined is something of a moot point. Some of the original pitchers still exist though they have seen better days, and are now larger brown, dead or cut back. There has however been significant new pitcher growth particularly in September last year meaning that the foliage is much denser than it was a year ago. As the last picture above shows, the back section of the rhizome appears to have died and has produced no new growth in some considerable time. It seems that I probably did not bury this part of the rhizome well enough. Insufficient coverage with soil exposing the rhizome to the elements is enough to cause harm and that looks like it has happened here. In my defence, the rhizome was a pretty odd shape and it was very difficult to keep some bits above the soil whilst ensuring that other parts do not get buried too deep as this can also be harmful, increasing the chances of infection. One thing that Pitch has given me for my first anniversary are the rather odd but strangely beautiful flowers, they really are quite something. I await his progress through the next year.




Venus 15-06-14




Venus 13-06-15 (2)


Venus 13-06-15 (3)


Venus 13-06-15 (4)


Venus 13-06-15 (5)


I note with a wry smile that Venus was actually sent to me with a flower stalk, long before I realised the significance of its presence and began to remove on sight. Apart from the presence of the flower stalk there is not really much difference with Venus one year on. The claws of the traps look longer a year ago and the trap is slightly redder in colour but Venus seems to be in slightly better shape now. Despite the strength sapping abilities of those flower stalks, Venus has more traps than a year ago even if the newest has not developed fully yet.

It is also notable that the presence of the invaders in the pot cannot be detected a year ago. Still not sure where the round sundew came from but am very happy that Sunny’s legacy is living on here in this pot. Did not previously recognise how effective sundews are at self-propagation.




Sun Dew 15-06-14


Sunny 08-06-15 (2)


Sunny 08-06-15 (4)


Sunny 08-06-15 (3)


Sunny 13-06-15


Sunny 13-06-15 (2)


Sunny 13-06-15 (3)


A year on and it looks like Sunny has almost gone. Whilst there are some remaining signs of growth in the pot, the colour they have now turned, reddish brown, is the colour of impending doom. Most other growth turned this colour before dying including the new leaf that appeared to be rallying so strongly about a month ago. The rate of decline in this pot has been immense and whilst Sunny was never the strongest of plants I did think that she would last longer than a year. The contributory factors to this state of decline are still somewhat confusing. Her leaves had shown a large amount of decline whilst still in the house before she was moved outside indicating that it has not been caused by temperature fluctuation. There were a couple of dry days at various times which did not seem to agree with her but these were minimal. The previous one occurred whilst she was still inside and she rallied strongly after this. Scorching cannot really be a factor as the progeny present in Venus’s pot show no similar signs and indeed, flourish in the same conditions. I am beginning to wonder if there was some sort of element of infection, fungal or bacterial. For this reason I will not re-use the soil from Sunny’s pot. I will however leave it over Summer with water just in case there is any miracle recovery.



Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

Mint 15-06-14


Mint 13-06-15


Definite decline here after a year. Those mint plants looked ripe for tea making upon their arrival last year. Unfortunately, after subjecting the sisters to a fair bit of scorching and not giving them enough water they proceeded to then suffer slug/caterpillar attack before also contracting what looked like mint rust. The recent picture still indicates that the mint rust is around. I have been watering the mint in the evenings once in a while but perhaps I need to give it a whole lot more water, growth has not been particularly impressive this year.




Luke 13-06-15 Luke 13-06-15 (2) Luke 13-06-15 (3)

The newest of newcomers. Not a lot happening. Slow development of the new picture and will have to wait till later in the year at the earliest for any real action to start, if at all!




Drake 13-06-15 Drake 13-06-15 (2) Drake 13-06-15 (3)

Drake’s progress continues. Going in the right direction although his first year anniversary is likely to show that he is not as fully developed this year as he was last.




Piggy 13-06-15 Piggy 13-06-15 (2)

Lapping up the outside sunshine and surely further proof that conditions for Sunny should be perfect. Piggy was the more sensitive last year but under current conditions he appears to be thriving albeit in quite a laid back manner. Little real change in the last few weeks but still looks strong.




Aphro 13-06-15 Aphro 13-06-15 (2)

Evidence of new traps developing but the majority of the remaining traps are very small. The reversal of fortunes and progress amongst the two Venus Fly Traps is quite amazing, especially as Aphro was never allowed to properly develop any sort of flower stalk. Despite this he appears to have declined, particularly in trap density and size. Will be interesting to see if he rallies later in the year. It must be remembered that he did not really go into dormancy over Winter, if anything he seems to be going into dormancy now, in Summer. Still have my fingers crossed that he will show a late surge in the very near future.




Gronda 13-06-15 Gronda 13-06-15 (2) Gronda 13-06-15 (3) Gronda 13-06-15 (4) Gronda 13-06-15 (5)

Gronda’s recovery continues apace with even more new leaves presenting themselves. Gave hm a water a the stalk bases during last week as the leaves were beginning to curl. Have still been spraying a fair bit but perhaps only once every two or three days at the moment. A plant that does require a fair amount of care but worth every minute. My girlfriend does cook with the back door open though and I remember reading that calatheas did not like drafts, so I have yet to see how this may affect his prolonged recovery. Roll on the proper growing season in late Summer/Autumn.




Hulk 13-06-15

No watering for Hulk over the last two weeks and little sign of spine droopage. Probably due for watering next weekend.




Snake 13-06-15 Snake 13-06-15 (2) Snake 13-06-15 (3)

That dying brown leaf is still a cause for concern but there does not appear to have been any replication on any of the other leaves, although Snake does everything so slowly that it could take some time for any infection or condition to spread, by which time it could well be too late. Yikes. Continuing to monitor more closely than ever before.




Flapjack 13-06-15 Flapjack 13-06-15 (2) Flapjack 13-06-15 (3)

Is the original piece of Flapjack still going? It does not look very healthy but I still cannot put it out of its misery just in case some new growth appears. In the other pot, the son of Flapjack continues with his happy development. No water over the last 2 weeks but must be due by next week.




Whilst repairing the fridge last week my girlfriend managed to lose my Sarracenia seeds so that line of investigation will have to wait until I acquire some more.


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