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Dendritic Reflective: Week 49

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Just 3 weeks to go until some of the triffids have lasted a whole year. The temperature dropped significantly this week, at one point dropping down to 3.3°C overnight, but despite this anachronism, there has been plenty of rain and plenty of very warm sunshine. Perfect Spring weather for triffids despite the occasional cold spell. As we enter the last week of Spring, the weather indicates milder temperatures but more overcast conditions, with rain scheduled later in the week. It is warm enough not to worry and perhaps a lack of beating sun may also be better for some of the triffids as they continue to recover after Winter.

Here is my review of progress after forty nine weeks:


The Basil Brothers

Basil 24-05-15 Basil 24-05-15 (2) Basil 24-05-15 (3)

The original brothers do not look particularly healthy. They have been very droopy for several weeks and the leaves have taken a yellowish green hue that is far too yellow to look healthy and tends to suggest over-watering. Did actually use some basil for Italian cookery this week, to fill my belly, but also with an eye on trying to get the basil to kick into life. Am not saying that this did anything but there are now some new leaves growing at multiple places around one of the stems of Tall Basil. This is also at the point where stem has turned from green to brown, normally indicating secondary growth.

I am still tempted to do something quite radical with the basil in terms of creating cuttings to grow from scratch but I will now leave this until the new leaves grow. I will not be watering this plant this week as it does look over-watered although the yellow colouring could also possibly be due to scorching from the sun, which at its brightest this week has been pretty formidable, although the way the leaves look does not look as if this is the reason. Will see how the plant fares over the coming week.




Pitch 24-05-15 Pitch 24-05-15 (2) Pitch 24-05-15 (3) Pitch 24-05-15 (4)

Little to say on Pitch. The ‘alien’ nodules continue to sprout higher on their stems but still refuse to open. The new pitchers slowly continue to grow. Will know this plant’s intentions within the next few weeks. I read on one website that sarracenias tend to flower in early Spring. It is Summer next week, so it appears that after being slow into dormancy, Pitch is also slow to flower. His internal annual clock is pretty inaccurate. Hope it’s not doing him any harm.




Luke 24-05-15

Gonna have to be patient with this one. Growing slowly. Very slowly.




Sunny 24-05-15 Sunny 24-05-15 (2) Sunny 24-05-15 (3)

After keeping a very close eye on Sunny during the week she seems to have rewarded me, not only by actually surviving, but also by responding pretty well to the conditions. The main clump of sundew stems have turned a beautiful red and are maturing nicely. No further new growth appears to have died. Will still have to keep a close eye but it seems that things are improving.




Drake 24-05-15 Drake 24-05-15 (2) Drake 24-05-15 (3) Drake 24-05-15 (4)

Drake continues to mature wonderfully. Shades of last year, let’s see if he can improve on that performance.




Piggy 24-05-15 Piggy 24-05-15 (2)

Piggy has also adapted well to the external conditions and has improved rather than showing any decline. Perhaps we will get some new growth before Summer is over.




Venus 24-05-15 Venus 24-05-15 (2)

Although not showing an enormous amount of new growth, the best developing trap is growing large and tall and the other traps remain healthy.




Aphro 24-05-15 Aphro 24-05-15 (2) Aphro 24-05-15 (3)

A number of the older traps have continued to die off leaving only two or three traps that are as large a size as those of Venus. A number of very small traps remain and the new developing traps look like they are also going to be small.  It is an interesting comparison between Aphro and Venus where Aphro’s flower stalks have been removed fairly quickly whilst the flower stalk that Venus produced was left to flower before being removed. This should mean that it is Venus that would have the smaller traps and Aphro the larger, but this is not the way it has transpired although Aphro still has many many more traps in his pot, but this was the same last year when both were new before any flower stalks began to grow. Am waiting for this plant to spring into action but am conscious that he never really went into dormancy.



Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

Mint 24-05-15 Mint 24-05-15 (2)

Still developing nicely with not much more indication of slug, snail or caterpillar attack. Conditions this week will suit but may give additional watering if there is not much rain.




Gronda 24-05-15 Gronda 24-05-15 (2) Gronda 24-05-15 (3) Gronda 24-05-15 (4)

The four or five new leaves are developing well and I am hopeful that Gronda will soon not be as threadbare although there is a real push from all the stems towards the kitchen window and I may have to turn the plant round for a while in an attempt to even this up. Can’t wait till those new leaves appear. Have not watered Gronda at the base of the stems since last week but have been spraying his leaves almost every day and sometimes more than once a day. There is little sign of leaf curling from existing leaves which suggests that he is currently getting enough water.




Hulk 24-05-15

Not much change from Hulk. Filled up his saucer this morning and this has been drawn up during the day, it not really being hot or sunny enough for the water to have evaporated. Will look to do this once a week from now and see how Hulk progresses.




Snake 24-05-15

I did it myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yyyy, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……




Flapjack 24-05-15

Filled up both of Flapjack’s pots today and the water has been fully drawn up in both cases. Again, I will continue with this once a week and see how the plant progresses. The new Flapjack looks very healthy and continues to develop happily. The old flapjack looks very sick indeed and with no new growth appearing I wonder how long this piece will last. That surviving leaf is certainly beginning to turn a funny colour.


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One thought on “Dendritic Reflective: Week 49

  1. Piggy looking wicked and love the mini universe holding globules (well what else can they be 🙂 ) hanging from Pitch – all looking really healthy and productive – 49 weeks on – well done Sir! X

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