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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Dendritic Reflective: Week 48

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Here is my review of progress after forty eight weeks:

A short bulletin this week as there is very little to report. Despite last week’s weather forecast reporting that the temperature could drop as low as 6°C overnight the outside thermometer on the SE facing external window sill has reported a lowest temperature of 9.2°C, the other thermometer on the SW facing external window sill reports the lowest temperature as being 8.8°C. I am glad this is the case because next week’s weather forecast is threatening that it will be much colder with at least two nights where the temperature will drop to 6°C. I will monitor through the week.


The Basil Brothers

Basil 17-05-15 Basil 17-05-15 (2)

Have been trying not to overwater the brothers but it is clear that they are getting somewhat frazzled by the Spring sunshine. My girlfriend has also introduced a new basil plant liberated from some supermarket or other. I am looking to make spaghetti bolognese in the next few days so we will see how all three come to terms with me pinching their leaves to supplement the culinaries.




Pitch 17-05-15 Pitch 17-05-15 (2) Pitch 17-05-15 (3) Pitch 17-05-15 (4)

The final two pictures here show that Pitch is rapidly growing a number of new Pitchers. The ‘alien’ stalks continue to grow taller but still show no signs of doing whatever it is they are going to do. This week maybe!




Luke 17-05-15

Only introduced this week so Luke really has had no time to show any change one way or the other. Certainly looks no worse than he did after delivery so I hope that he is acclimatizing well enough.




Sunny 17-05-15 Sunny 17-05-15 (2) Sunny 17-05-15 (3)

Sunny is the real worry this week. Comparing the pictures this week with those last week seems to suggest that some of that healthy green growth appears to have reddened or even browned with some of it not looking particularly happy. Too much sun, too cold overnight, or perhaps it is just the change the environment. Am tempted to move him back inside if there is any further decline. Will need daily checks this week.




Drake 17-05-15 Drake 17-05-15 (2)

Continues to improve at a quite striking place.




Piggy 17-05-15 Piggy 17-05-15 (2)

Unlike Sunny, Piggy shows no signs of decline following his repatriation back outside. Will still keep an eye on him though as in the past he has been quite slow to react to changes in external stimuli.




Venus 17-05-15

Venus 17-05-15 (2) Venus 17-05-15 (3)

A couple of new longer stalks with traps are developing well as the shorter smaller Winter traps begin to die off. The proof of her recovery will be when those traps reach maturity.




Aphro 17-05-15

Aphro 17-05-15 (2) Aphro 17-05-15 (3) Aphro 13-05-15 Aphro 13-05-15 (3)

The final two pictures here show the presence of an unwelcome visitor on Wednesday night this week. This visitor proved even too big a meal for Aphro and mercifully no damage has been done to him. Elsewhere a number of the Winter traps continue to die back but there is plenty of new growth so I am still hopeful that Aphro can flourish once again despite his attempts to grow 3 flower stalks. A few of the newer growths may potentially be flower stalks but they could also be juvenile traps so will have to see how they develop.



Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

Mint 17-05-15 Mint 17-05-15 (2) Mint 17-05-15 (3)

The sisters rebirth continues and the current weather pattern is very good for Mint. No more evidence of increased slug/snail damage but will have to monitor this lest I need take protective precautions.




Gronda 17-05-15

Gronda 17-05-15 (2)

Gronda 17-05-15 (3)

I have been taking very good care of Gronda over the last week. Not only have I given him much more water than normal in his pot – using the moisture sensor to check that it is not too much, but I have also been regularly misting his leaves with the new sprayer. The new sprayer produces a much finer mist than last time and Gronda has been misted at least once a day, and more often than not twice or more times. He has responded magnificently and the middle picture shows at least 3 new leaves growing to development. Pretty chuffed.




Hulk 17-05-15

Hulk certainly looks happier in his new spot and there are no signs of drout despite having not watered him again since he has been in situ. Will check those remaining spines and any droopage will be met with a little drink.




Snake 17-05-15

Like watching paint dry, but still glad he’s surviving the dark, dank cave-like environment of a lightless bathroom.




Flapjack 17-05-15

Although the remains of Flapjack in the left hand pot do not look much different from last week, and perhaps it is too late for this part to recover, the part of Flapjack in the right pot has responded well and is looking much happier about life. The soil in the pots has looked quite damp for most of the week so despite the new sunnier position I have resisted the urge to water again. Will keep an eye on both parts.


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