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New Arrival: Use the Force

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Perhaps my care of plants has not been acceptable enough recently to justify obtaining a new plant but I have had my eyes on a White Pitcher for some time now and couldn’t resist. Introducing:


Luke 12-05-15 Luke 12-05-15 (2) Luke 12-05-15 (3)


(on the South East facing External Kitchen Window sill)

White Pitcher (indigenous to North Florida)

Sarracenia leucophylla

Delivered by courier from Hampshire already in his pot on Tuesday 12th May 2015


I must confess to being a little disappointed with Luke upon his arrival. Whilst advertised as being delivered already mature he was delivered with only a single mature pitcher and this was unfortunately damaged whilst liberating him from the roll of cling film in which he was wrapped. This means that there are now no fully grown pitchers. Luckily, as the final picture shows there is a healthy looking juvenile pitcher so all is not lost. It is apparent however that the pitcher that was damaged had no white elements. Will have to do some study to learn whether there is any difference in case required with this pitcher as opposed to other North American pitchers such as Pitch.

In a further bout of moaning, I must also mention the presence of our old friend ‘the weed’ delivered in the soil along with Luke. This very much looks like my old ‘friend’,¬†Drosera spatulata, although the plant is not yet fully grown. Now I will have to manage two instances of this ‘weed’.

Currently, Luke is tucked away partially behind Pitch meaning that he will get far less sunlight until Summer arrives proper. It is very warm today although I have re-positioned my outside thermometers to monitor any significant decreases in temperature.


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