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They Came From Another Planet (Dendritic Reflective: Week 45)

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Just a short bulletin this week and not a longer report to review progress after forty five weeks:

The weather is still pretty hot and it has been remarkably humid today for the first time this year. I am away from Thursday and temperatures are currently suggesting that it will be pretty hot during the day and not that cold at night although night temperatures will still be dropping below 10°C. This means that I will probably need to make allowances for extra water for the plants but it is probably still too cold to put Sunny and Piggy outside at the mercy of the elements. Will re-assess this on Wednesday before I go away.

Weather w-c 25-04-15 BBC Weather w-c 25-04-15 Weather Channel

The strange title of this blog refers to the alien looking structures that have appeared in the pots of Pitch and Aphro.

Pitch 25-04-15 (3) Pitch 25-04-15 Pitch 25-04-15 (2)

Still not sure what these are. They certainly don’t look like new pitchers. They look more like seed pods of some kind or flower buds. According to Wikipedia, that well-known repository of unquestionable information, Sarracenia rubra does indeed produce flowers in Spring so this is rather exciting. Cannot wait to see what happens.

Aphro 25-04-15 Aphro 25-04-15 (3) Aphro 25-04-15 (2)

The pictures above show what is definitely looking like another flower stalk in Aphro’s pot. This time I have finally been able to sever this stalk early.

Aphro 25-04-15 (4) Aphro 25-04-15 (5)

Hopefully this will mean that Aphro’s growth will not take a downturn due to energy being diverted into flower production.


Elsewhere around the pots both the mint and Sunny are also showing excellent Spring progress.

Mint 25-04-15 Drake 25-04-15


I have today watered Gronda (who was looking a bit droopy but perked up as soon as he was watered) and have also given Hulk and Flapjack a wee drink although have not yet got around to purchasing the items on my list:

Spray water thingy



Container: either well draining container, at least 5″ inches deep or a 3-inch pot [preferable]
Soil: A sandy rooting mix or a potting mixture formulated specifically for cactus and succulents


This will have to wait until I return from holidays.


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