Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Green Shoots and Stalks

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As the weather promised, it has been very sunny this week and pretty hot with day temperatures in the mid to high teens. Considering the fact that I am going away next week for about 5 days I may have to consider some remedial watering assistance. Having topped up the water levels of Pitch and the two VFTs on Sunday afternoon, I can report that today, a mere two days later, Pitch’s tray was almost dry and Venus’s under half full. Aphro’s was about three quarters full. If the weather keeps up then the plants will not last 5 days with the existing watering arrangements.


Venus 21-04-15

Some better pictures of the new growth occurring in the VFT pots. A few new traps growing here in Venus’s pot and they look much taller than the existing Winter traps.


Aphro 21-04-15 Aphro 21-04-15 (2)

One of the front traps has begun to blacken but there are numerous new traps growing in Aphro’s pot. The left picture also appears to show what looks like a new flower stalk. Will look to snip this very soonish as soon as I am absolutely sure that it is a stalk.


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