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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

To Dormancy or Death

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I am not wishing to use this blog as a confessional but I have a mixture of both good and bad news this week, and the bad news comes with a fair amount of regret. I have previously documented in these pages that I have had personal issues over the past few months which have led to my often pre-occupation with matters unrelated to the triffids and indeed often running contrary to the care and attention that they so often require. With Christmas approaching, I have found myself this week playing catchup on present buying, wrapping and other Christmas related activities that themselves have come later than would have been planned had I not had other more pressing matters to attend to. But here we are, about to enter Christmas week.

It seems that the weather is due to warm up briefly in the coming days although there are signs that it may begin to return to normal by the end of next week with the approach of the new year:

Weather Forecast wc 21-12-14

In the last few days it has been apparent that the temperature has risen above 10°C for the first time in a while. I am happy to say though that the period consistently below 10°C seems to have been enough to convince the triffids that it is finally time to rest up until it is time to grow again next year.


Pitch 21-12-14 Pitch 21-12-14 (2)

Pitch finally seems to have got the message and I am thus strangely feeling happy that a plant has finally started to go brown.

It is not however, the outside plants that are causing me my guilty consternation, it is those resident within the kitchen.

Basil 21-12-14

It looks as if poor old Short Basil may have finally had it, likely due to lack of water, although Tall Basil who resides in the same tub does not seem to be in a similar state of what for all intents and purposes like his ‘last throes’. I have put in a decent bit of water and hope that Short Basil can live again to fight another day but this time it looks like it could possibly be terminal!!!

On a brighter note, I have been paying reasonable attention to Gronda and have been spraying him at least every three days, and every two days when I remember.

Let’s hope that all triffids everywhere but particularly those Hargrave Triffids have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Fingers once again remain firmly crossed!!


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