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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Dendritic Reflective: Week 21

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Here is my review of progress after twenty one weeks:

The temperature, particularly overnight, has dropped significantly several times this week with the lowest temperature being recorded as 4.4°C. The weather forecast however once again predicts that things are going to be warmer than expected with overnight temperatures predicted to remain around the 10°C mark.

Weather Forecast wc 08-11-14


The Basil Brothers

Basil 08-11-14 Basil 08-11-14 (2) Basil 08-11-14 (3)

Not really much to report with the basil except to report that it definitely looks like mould has taken hold in Tall Basil’s pot. As the sundews are now in reasonably close proximity to the brothers, albeit a good foot higher, I better make sure that this fungal infection does not spread. Am loathe to use fungicides and don’t believe the fungus will affect the basil but will have to watch that it does not spread. Small Basil in this shot is demonstrating how thirsty he can look, and that is much much thirstier than Tall Basil who never looks particularly parched. The flower is really coming out as well.



Pitch 08-11-14 Pitch 08-11-14 (2)

I am hopeful that the temperatures dropping down to 4°C may have convinced Pitch that it is time to hibernate but he still does not seem that phased, with nighttime temperatures once again looking like they may not drop below 10°C, I am wondering whether he will become dormant at all.


Sunny & Piggy

Sunny & Piggy 08-11-14 Sunny 08-11-14 Piggy 08-11-14 Piggy 08-11-14 (3) Piggy 08-11-14 (2)

Since coming in from outside Sunny has just absolutely flourished. When I remember how slow the lady was to start growing, it is amazing now to see how voracious she has become, and a joy to behold considering how much I love sundews. Piggy meanwhile does not really seem to have responded and simply remains stagnant and stoic. The moss in his pot appears to be doing more than he at the moment as it grows new shoots. Will have to monitor the pot for foreign bodies just in case anything else has snuck in.



Drake 08-11-14

It rained like billy-o a few times last week so I have not re-watered Drake at all.

Although the following is VPT advice it does relate to keeping the soil moist and how moist that should be which I reckon will be general advice for all dormant plants.


  • Keep the soil moist but considerably dry. Do not let the plant dry out completely
  • Plants may only need watering ever 10-14 days or so depending on the average temperature
  • Soil moisture content  can be tested by poking a finger down into the soil to see how wet it still is under the surface. As a rule of thumb you should be able to stick your finger in the media and have it come out with only a few flecks of soil without needing to wipe any wetness off.
  • Consideration should be given that overwatering can increase the risk of rotting or fungal/bacterial infection. The plant should not remain wet for too long



Venus 08-11-14 Venus 08-11-14 (2) Venus 08-11-14 (3)

Even the final trap is not beginning to blacken and I would predict that Venus will be within dormancy within the next two weeks. The third picture above shows how prolific the Drosera rotundifolia has become. I think that previously I believed that the plant may have been Drosera spatulata. They are both weeds but it is now beginning to look more rotundifolia than spatulata. If it survives the Winter, which is highly likely, then when the plant matures it will hopefully be easier to identify.



Aphro 08-11-14 Aphro 08-11-14 (2) Aphro 08-11-14 (3)

The cold weather finally also seems to have slowed Aphro in his tracks and convinced him it’s time to go to sleep.


Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

Mint 08-11-14

Shot from a different angle this week but nothing going on.



Gronda 08-11-14 Gronda 08-11-14 (2) Gronda 08-11-14 (3) Gronda 08-11-14 (4)

Gronda does look a lot happier after last weeks drain and soak. I have sprayed him a few times this week but have been out int he evenings at least three times this week which means I have neglected him a bit. Despite some dead leaves he does still look pretty happy however. Will continue to spray him and monitor him reasonably closely.


Hulk & Flapjack

Hulk & Flapjack 08-11-14

These two also look a lot happier after their drain and soak last week.



Snake 08-11-14

They seek him here, they seek him there, growth seekers seeks him everywhere, has he grown or has he not, has he grown? Not a lot!


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