Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Temperature Calibration and the Prize Scalp Predation

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Greenhouse 05-10-14

As can be seen above, I have now erected my greenhouse. I am currently checking the temperature to ensure that it is suitable for my dormant triffids. For this I am using a digital thermometer which can measure the maximum and minimum temperature over a period. I need to make sure that it will not be too hot or too cold in the greenhouse. The measurement I took from 1430hrs on the 5th October to 1730hrs today, 6th October, revealed a minimum temperature of 9.2°C (including overnight) but unfortunately a maximum temperature of 37.1°C. This will be far too warm for the dormant plants who will be fooled into thinking that summer has returned. Looks like I may have to undo the zipper every morning to ensure that the plants are not too warm in the day if the sun shines. It was however exceptionally warm yesterday and is much colder today, with Autumn even Winter looking as if it has finally arrived, so it will be interesting to see what the results are tomorrow. I will need to monitor the temperature on each shelf so that I can get a good idea of how suitable the greenhouse will be.


Sunny 05-10-14

The other main talking point in Hargrave Triffid Land is the fact that Sunny has caught a Mayfly, certainly the biggest prize that she has caught to date. This photo must have been taken not soon after the capture had taken place and the fly was still struggling away. Unfortunately for the fly, in its struggles it had become stuck to three separate sundew leaves so don’t think it’ll be going anyway. Am looking forward to seeing how Sunny will deal with this meal. Will provide a new update with any progress later in the week.


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