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Dendritic Reflective: Week 10

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Here is my review of progress after ten weeks:


Basil 24-08-14

The Basil Brothers

The Brothers look remarkedly similar to how they looked last week. My mother was telling me on the phone the other day that any Basil plants that she has ever tried to keep indoors always die off over Winter so perhaps growth is beginning to slow. Internet advice seems to vary regarding care but adding what I have read to my own experiences I have extracted the following:

https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070805084057AApPtzJ says that you should, “water regularly ,cut the tips so it doesn’t grow to leggy.

Another comment on the same page says, “Make sure it is completely dry before you water it each time, wait until it starts wilting a little bit“. My experiences have certainly demonstrated that allowing the basil to wilt slightly does not seem to do it permanent damage. As soon as you give it a decent drink it returns to normal quite quickly.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL2luJW5Nts says that shop bought basil, “will last if you take them out of the plastic pots for crying out loud. the plant roots cant breath. put it in a clay pot get the one that said germen or from Italy they are the best for plants and put poles in the pot (sic)”. From this it would appear that I need to consider re-potting.

http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/herbs/msg1017171922025.html says that, “Many people think that it is a sin to let a plant die but the “Grow @ Kill” method might be best for winter harvesting of annuals like basil. It grows from seed readily and it will thicken into a very nice initial mat of vegetation if given a little light and water. From the 4″ stage is where it starts to go downhill.” Tall Basil is definitely over four inches so perhaps this is why the plant does not appear to be flourishing as he has previously.

Another contributor on the same website says that he has, “kept basil in my office over the winter. What I have done is I take cuttings from my best plant and I put them in water, in about 2 weeks I have some roots and then I pot these up. In 4 weeks I have a thriving little plant. I make sure I pinch them once the growth is strong to make them bushy.

http://homeguides.sfgate.com/care-indoor-basil-plant-40195.html which looks a little more formal as a website reports that, “Basil is a true annual, which means that once the plant flowers, it will die. A new plant should be started when the old plant begins to bloom.” Haven’t noticed the brothers looking like they’re going to flower but perhaps I need to get ready to take some cuttings if I want the Brothers to propagate.

Am going away this Thursday and may not be back for two weeks so maybe I should think about taking a few cuttings before I go, just in case they don’t make it. Not sure they’ll survive two weeks without water.


Pitcher 24-08-14    Pitcher 24-08-14 (2)    Pitcher 24-08-14 (3)


Nothing much to report about Pitch. The new pitchers are still brown free and look happy and healthy. As with all the carnivores I am going to have to give some serious thought to how I leave them over the two weeks when I am away. Obviously if they dry out for any concerted period of time then they are probably going to die. I am thinking that I will try to get as large a tray as I can purchase or multiple trays up to about 3″ deep and leave each plant in one of these. Not sure if I should leave inside or outside however. This will depend on the weather forecast as to the balance of sun (which will evaporate the water quicker) an rain (which will refill the tray). I could of course leave the plants on the patio table which would leave them high enough to not be bothered by the local wildlife (cats and foxes).

N19 Weather Forecast 25th Aug - 1st Sept v2    N19 Weather Forecast 2nd Sept - 8th Sept  v2

Now I am sure that I don’t have to tell you that the British weather is a changeable fellow but there looks a little too much heat and sunshine and not enough rain to keep the plants outside so I may have to keep them inside for the two weeks. I will make the final decision on Thursday before I go.


Sunny 24-08-14    Sunny 24-08-14 (2)


Sunny is still doing splendidly and those leaves that have sustained physical damage somehow have still not yet died. The leaf in the right hand picture immediately right of the nidiformis label has a perfect round hole through it but it has still not died. If Sunny survives the holidays then she will be right as reign as she enters dormancy.


Drake 24-08-14    Drake 24-08-14 (2)


Although the blackening of Drake’s leaves has slowed his pace there is evidence this week of further deterioration. It has not been particularly sunny this week but perhaps Drake is a definite candidate for a removal inside while I am away. The change may do him good although I fear the worst.


Piggy 24-08-14    Piggy 24-08-14 (2)


There have been no visible adverse effects from Piggy’s fall last week. All in all he looks much the same. Again, the literature that I have read before concerning pygmy sundews suggests that they are sensitive souls so I worry about how he will fare whilst I am away. Time to see how hardy the little fella actually is.


Venus 24-08-14    Venus 24-08-14 (2)    Venus 24-08-14 (3)


It is almost as if Venus has stopped in his tracks, frozen in time with the new traps stubbornly refusing to come to maturity. The last original trap which has still remained unable to open has blackened and died. I said last week that I believed that there was a wasp in there and one wonders whether the venom from the insect has affected the plant. With two weeks away I hope that Sunny will have come into her own upon my return.


Aphro 24-08-14    Aphro 24-08-14 (2)


Aphro continues to roll on much as before and there is further evidence of his rapacious hunger with further traps opening to reveal additional meals. My biggest fear regarding Aphro is that a flower stalk may decide to grow whilst I am away. Considering what this seems to have done to Venus, this would not be a good state of affairs but I will look to check and chop on Thursday just before I go.


Mint 24-08-14    Mint 24-08-14 (2)

Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

The ladies rock and no compunction need be spared for their welfare over the next two weeks. Not even the nearby presence of re-appearing fox pooh can check their progress but that’s another story.


Calathea 24-08-14    Calathea 24-08-14 (4)    Calathea 24-08-14 (5)


Again I have been out a fair bit this week and have probably neglected poor Gronda with his misting. I may have done it once or twice but clearly not enough as a number of his leaves have again begun to curl leaving him at curl factor . I will give him a soak and drain before I go away.


Hulk 24-08-14


After two weeks there is still little change in Hulk after his first soak and drain. There is evidence of some deterioration but it has definitely slowed from the rate before the soaking. As I am soon to be away for two weeks I will give him a soak and drain on Thursday and hope for the best.


Snake 24-08-14


With no daily showers and bathroom lights one wonders how Snake will fare for the two weeks that I am away. Perhaps after two weeks of proper neglect I will finally be able to spot the difference!!!


Flapjack 24-08-14


Looking even droopier than last week and so definitely due another soak and drain which I will provide next Thursday before I go away. His time for one was due anyway but perhaps upon my return I may have to make his waterings more frequent by a week or two.


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