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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Dendritic Reflective: Week 9

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Here is my review of progress after nine weeks:


Basil 16-08-14    Basil 16-08-14 (2)

The Basil Brothers

More of the same this week. The brothers were looking a bit droopy yesterday so I gave them a good gulp of water from the tap and they had perked up by today. The pot fungus does not as yet appear to be causing any significant issues so I am happy to leave it be for a time. I have now done no Italian cooking for over two weeks so have had no need to pilfer the brothers’ leaves. It does however seem that something else is making a meal of the leaves. Slugs maybe? There are no visible trails and have seen no slugs in the vicinity so maybe it is something else. Eat or be Eaten it appears very much in the Brothers’ case.


Pitch 16-08-14    Pitch 16-08-14 (3)    Pitch 16-08-14 (4)    Pitch 16-08-14 (2)


It is pleasing to report that the websites were correct to a level that I have not previously seen websites present, when they stated that Sarracena rubra are, ‘at their best in late summer and Autumn’. I have been extremely worried that the brown dryness affecting many of the pitchers would spread throughout the plant but am jubilant to report that this has not been the case. The new pitchers are remaining ‘brown’ free and are looking healthy and happy. Phew. I can even report that today I heard a large amount of buzzing emanating from the pitchers. Now obviously it is impossible to check where this insect is without dissecting the pitcher but that buzzing is good enough for me, what a champion.


Sunny 16-08-14    Sunny 16-08-14 (2)


The weather this week has been no bar to Sunny’s continual improvement. Nuff said.


Drake 16-08-14    Drake 16-08-14 (2)


Drake meanwhile is my current concern. Since ‘dry Thursday’ Drake has had a bit of a wobble and more of those leaves are beginning to blacken and die. http://en.allexperts.com/q/Carnivorous-Plants-711/2012/5/sundew-leaves-turning-black.htm says that this could be caused by a sudden change in environment and also states that Drosera Anglica is a ‘heat-sensitive plant’. Maybe the plant is getting too much sun and will benefit from a move to a shadier space ala Piggy or perhaps it is just the lack of water from ‘dry Thursday’ that has sent a shock to his system. I am both gutted and guilty but also not sure that there is a lot I can do about this. I can only cross my fingers and hope that I have not done any permanent damage. Really hope that Drake will survive dormancy.


Piggy 16-08-14   Piggy 16-08-14 (2)


I found Piggy inexplicably on his side this morning but it doesn’t seem to have adversely affected him, he was after all still happily in reasonably deep water. He does however seem to be leaning back ever so slightly perhaps so to move to face the sun when in his horizontal position. Now, I was out late on Wednesday and Thursday nights but I never ended up involuntarily horizontal. Am not too fussed at this occurrence but we will see how he looks in a week.


Venus 16-08-14    Venus 16-08-14 (2)    Venus 16-08-14 (3)


It would be an understatement to say that the progress of the new growth has been slow. The slightly deformed trap is beginning to open but the other two tall traps are still in a time warp of infancy. Looks like that flower has taken it out of her. However, there is another new trap beginning to grow so whilst progress has slowed she is still doing her best to recover.


Aphro 16-08-14    Aphro 16-08-14 (2)


It is notable that the newer traps of the as yet flowerless Aphro have also not yet opened and thus perhaps it is just that the external environment has just not been conducive to VFT development recently. One of the older traps is also beginning to blacken and die. This may just be part of the natural cycle but could also be a delayed reaction to ‘dry Thursday’. I am hoping it is due to the former.


Mint 16-08-14    Mint 16-08-14 (2)

Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

Well! What can I say. I am speechless at the amount of growth seen by Cassa and Aggy this week. Am planning on having some mint tea tomorrow and considering where we were two weeks ago I doubted whether I would actually get to this point. Stick that kettle on the boil!!


Calathea 16-08-14    Calathea 16-08-14 (2)    Calathea 16-08-14 (3)    Calathea 16-08-14 (4)


That curl factor has probably reduced to less than one and Gronda continues to progress well with regular mistings. After seven weeks this calathea is already doing better than my previous plant and this makes me proud.


Hulk 16-08-14    Hulk 16-08-14 (2)     Hulk 16-08-14 (3)


There is little change in Hulk a week after his first soak and drain. Some of the spines are not looking great but I don’t want to overwater him too fast to try and compensate for the previous lack of waterings. I am also happy to report that the drooping stem at the rear still appears to be firm which has cheered me slightly. The question is do I soak and drain this week or leave it till next week. Will have to monitor Hulk closely to see that there is no visible deterioration between now and next week.


Snake 16-08-14


Might paint that wall so that I can instead report on the drying process.


Flapjack 16-08-14


Has drooped a bit since last week but the soak and drain is now due next week.


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