Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

To Eat or be Eaten

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Venus 12-08-14    Venus 12-08-14 (2)

The skies have truly opened many times since the weekend and where my stocks of carnivore juice, i.e. rainwater, had been dwindling, they have now been healthily replenished. It has been rather cold though with temperatures being as low as 13 degrees Celsius in the daylight hours. Not much else to report except to say that after posting last weeks report whilst giving Hulk his soak and drain I had to remove a white caterpillar from his lofty stems. Yuk. Not sure the caterpillar was chomping but wasn’t going to leave things to chance. I think that the caterpillar had originated from a moth, the remains of which were trapped in a spider’s web immediately to Hulk’s rear.

I can also report that Venus’s remaining older trap has finally opened just enough to reveal what looks like a wasp. The camera can’t really focus in but from the rather blurry pictures you should just about be able to make out the stripes on the wasp’s hard carapace. Not sure what sticky residue, wasps are capable of emitting once being digested but perhaps this explains the trap’s struggle to open. Aphro may have caught more flies but catching a wasp really demonstrates Venus’s killing credentials. What a femme fatale she is.


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