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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Mint Moves and Munching, Beware the Sunshine

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Mint 23-07-14

Poor old Cass and Aggy have continued to suffer the relentless sunshine and to curb their torture I have finally got around to moving them. I have placed them closer to the floor and hopefully in a little more shade. I gave them a big drink of water in the late evening and have also put a Gu pot in the corner of the pot with a little cider in it which will hopefully attract any slugs with designs on them. Still hoping that I can have that pot of mint tea by the end of the summer so hopefully the ladies will now flourish in their new spot. I can also report that the ladies appear to be beginning to flower. Must check how this affects growth.


Venus 23-07-14    Venus 23-07-14 II

Whereas that lone trap of Venus’s seems to be struggling to open, and wow she’s certainly putting a lot of effort into trying into trying to open that trap, I do believe that there is a new trap taking form. Very difficult to see in the second picture but at the bottom of the flower stalk there does seem to be a new leaf forming. Fingers and traps crossed.


Sunny 23-07-14     Drake 23-07-14

Again difficult to see, and you may have to take my word for it, but both Sunny and Drake are opening their account and trying in their more gentle way to compete with Aphro’s exemplar of insect digestion. The two small black blobs on the left most leaf of Sunny are two small flies that have become stuck and are being slowly digested. A small fly can also be seen stuck to the top most leaf of Drake in the top middle of the picture. To the left of the middle can be seen what approximates to a shepherd’s crook. This is a leaf that has begun to curl to digest a stuck small insect. The VFTs may be leading the way but the droseras are hot on their heels.


Pitch 23-07-14 II     Pitch 23-07-14

Pitch meanwhile also seems to be continuing to get scorched by the sun, and I thought that this guy was from the Deep South. Surely a little English sunshine isn’t going to be too much for him. It does appear however that some of the older new growth is beginning to scorch even before the new pictures develop and it is only the pitchers towards the back of the plant, helpfully shaded by their neighbours, that are retaining their distinctive red colouring. Previous external advice reproduced in these pages suggested that pitcher plants need five plus hours a day of direct sun, and all the internet advice I have seen so far appears to back this up. In Pitch’s location I am doubtful that he will get that much sun but he still seems to be toasting slowly. Perhaps he is not getting enough water. Although his water tray is almost two inches deep it is on a slant. I will be keeping a close eye on all future new growth to see if those pitchers mature properly before browning. Most impressive of all the current new growth is the curly pitcher in the latter picture. Not quite sure where he thinks he’s going.


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