Hargrave Triffid

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A Drop to Drink

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Calathea 24-07-14     Calathea 24-07-14 II     Calathea 24-07-14 III

Just a note to say that after 24 days I have finally taken Gronda outside, placed him on top of a large rectangular tub and given him a good drink. The water was from a watering can left outside overnight in order to bring it to room temperature or thereabouts. The soil was allowed to completely drain and Gronda was then returned to his position in the kitchen. For good measure I then sprayed the leaves with the spray watering can that is also left full in the kitchen so that the water can come up to room temperature. Tap water was used in both cases.

The current curled leaves are all towards the window-facing side of the plant (to the right of the former picture) and are shown in the latter pictures. There is another curled leaf on the same side that is quite close to the top of the pot. This leaf is rolled up like a pancake. I must admit that I have not noticed this leaf before and it cannot be seen from front-on in current or earlier pictures because it is obscured by the outer foliage. Not sure if this is a new leaf or whether it has rolled up due to lack of hydration. Will continue to monitor the situation but as the explanation for this leaf cannot yet be substantiated I am going to class the aridity of Gronda at Curl-Factor 2. One level for each of his curled leaves. Have ordered a Moisture Metre, for which I am awaiting delivery, so hopefully soon I can dispense with such a primitive measure.


I can also happily report that Cass and Aggy seem to be settling in to their new surroundings. No sign of gastropod attack and no hint of the cider trap being touched. It appears that showers are forecast for tomorrow and although there is still a chance of some strong sun on Saturday the weather forecast seems to suggest that whilst it will remain hot, the sunshine enjoyed recently may temporarily be on the wane.

Weather Forecast 24-07-14

However, it feels that it is likely to remain humid and London weather in recent years has followed a similar pattern. Recent official weather forecasts have been pretty inaccurate and things will be left as they are at the moment although I will definitely return the ladies to their windowsill locale should that sun stay away more regularly. August, what have you in store?


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