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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Dendritic Reflective: Week 5

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Here is my review of progress after five weeks:


Basil 19-07-14

The Basil Brothers

Despite another bout of Italian cookery during the week the brothers roll on in their practical and indomitable way (touch wood).


Pitch 19-07-14   Pitch 19-07-14 III


Feeling a bit guilty over Pitch this week as a friend of mine, who is also a self-employed landscape gardener, came to stay for the weekend, and the boozy barbeque that we enjoyed on the Friday night led to Pitch getting a bit singed. The two long pitchers that project from the front of the plant, which had stubbornly refused to remain propped up vertically, and were beginning to brown and die anyway, were the victims of this endeavour. Aside from that I am still very happy with the ongoing development of the new pitchers. Although probably need to move him away from the barbeque to prevent more serious future mishap.


Sunny 19-07-14


The previously mentioned gardener friend kindly lent me his camera to use for the photographs in the reflective this week so I have been able to capture a higher resolution picture of Sunny in all her new found glory. She’s really beginning to impress.


Drake 19-07-14


Comparing a picture of Drake this week with a picture from when he first came reveals little difference as far as I can see, although my girlfriend reckons that the later picture shows more prolific and colourful growth. The plant still looks healthy so I’m happy.


Pygmy 19-07-14    Pygmy 19-07-14 Zoom


The higher resolution camera has also captured a better picture of Piggy. He’s a hard chap to get in focus, but since moving him around the corner to a bit more shade he has responded magnificently and the wonderful new growth can be seen in the picture above. Glad he’s settling in.


Venus 19-07-14


As mentioned in the week, Sunny’s single remaining trap is now closed and the flower is beginning to blacken and die back. There is still no indication of what, if anything, is inside the trap although mercifully so far there is no sign that the trap is itself blackening. Hopefully, the trap will reopen this week, although long term I still fear the worst.


Aphro 19-07-14     Aphro 19-07-14 II


The use of the higher resolution camera has captured the after effects of Aphro’s considerable appetite perfectly, with four traps having now reopened revealing the content of previous meals. The front left trap having opened since passing to me was closed in last week’s reflective but has now again reopened. The fly inside has thus now been eaten twice. This carnivore is the king of macabre digestion.


Mint 19-07-14

Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

With temperatures going over thirty on several days this week, the ladies have been getting a bit scorched this week. I have watered them three times this week already but have still had to remove substantial amounts of dead stem from both plants. This has left them looking balder than at any point since I had first had them. Progress is going backwards here and with more high temperatures forecast I may have to review my care plan for these plants.

A gardener friend of mine who visited this weekend suggested that mint likes a fair bit of water but that this must be allowed to drain. This sounds similar to the way in which advice suggests that calathea are watered. Having reviewed advice on http://myfolia.com/plants/6416-moroccan-mint-mentha-spicata-var-crispa  it states the following for Morrocan mint: “Plant in a location that enjoys dappled sun and remember to water moderately. ” It is likely that I may have to move the sisters to an area where they are not in full sunshine but alas the South Western facing window sill is not deep enough to accommodate the pot. Placing the plants on the floor will leave them more susceptible to cats, foxes and gastropods. Could perhaps try to leave them in their current position and just water them more but re-positioning would seem to be the best plan and worked well for Piggy.


Calathea 19-07-14


It’s been very hot this week and the back door has been open a lot but despite the on-line warnings, Gronda does not appear to have been too bothered by draughts. Have been misting him every two or three days but have still not give him a substantial watering. Only the single leaf remains slightly curled, seen in the picture above as the highest leaf of all. Will continue as I have been.


Hulk 19-07-14


Another week has passed where Hulk has been left to his own devices with no water except for the odd amount of humidity arising from the kitchen sink. Comparison with pictures of Hulk upon his arrival show little change although it does appear that some of his spikes have drooped slightly from a more vertical position. Does this indicate a lack of watering? Perhaps after three weeks it is finally time to give the lad a proper drink!


Snake 19-07-14


As my girlfriend has opined, Snake is ticking along nicely. No change to treatment required at this stage.


Flapjack 19-07-14 II


Following his excursion outside, little Flapjack has now returned inside. Probably a good job as with the high temperatures have also come thunderstorms and heavy rain. The rain may have been extremely problematic. Comparison with the first week indicates the leaves to be slightly redder, due to good sunshine, with the leaves curling slightly. The lowermost leaves are floppy and somewhat lacklustre. There also appears to be possible new growth at the top although will have to monitor to see if this is the case.


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