Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

First Night Out/The Butcher of Hargrave

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Flapjack 13-07-14

As there have now been persistent showers since last evening, and with more expected today, this is the first chance I have had to take a photo of Flapjack in his new habitat. Am not sure how much sun he will get today and he also appears to have got a soaking overnight. Still not sure whether the outdoor life will suit him, particularly if the showers keep coming.

Weather Forecast 13-07-14

Am hoping that the little fella will be able to dry out today before he gets another soaking but still think that this might be too much water for him. I read somewhere that the leaves turn redder, the more sun they get so can use this as an indicator but will have to monitor how waterlogged he gets.


Aphro 13-07-14    Aphro 13-07-14 II

Over on the South East facing External Kitchen Window sill I have noticed this morning that a second of Aphro’s traps has a munched fly in it. Thinking about it, it is likely that both flies were taken by (or given to) the plant whilst in B&Q and I have only just noticed them. My earlier shots of Aphro seem to show that this back right trap was already closed as also was the front trap that has recently opened. Whilst this may cast into doubt Aphro’s credentials as a bona fide scourge of insects, I can confirm that Aphro has definitely eaten at least one insect since being in situ. The tallest back trap has captured a daddy long legs whose legs can clearly be seen protruding from the trap. So proud!


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