Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Dendritic Reflective: Week 4

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Here is my review of progress after four weeks:


Basil 12-07-14

The Basil Brothers

Although the chaps probably need a little bit more water than I’ve been giving them recently, and despite utilising their services once again for some Italian cookery this week, they still continue to flourish. Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto!!!


Pitch 12-07-14    Pitch 12-07-14 II    Pitch  12-07-14 III


Feeling a bit guilty because the new soil mix has been delivered but I have not, as yet, got around to topping up the soil in Pitch’s pot. This is partly due to my inertia (and I will not seek to excuse myself within these pages) but also partly because Pitch is actually doing pretty well. Although the old pitchers are still dying off, the new growth continues to be most impressive. Happy to monitor for the time being and see what happens though if the new pitchers die off too soon then I will be forced into action.


Sunny 12-07-14


I was spurred to be joyful over Sunny’s progress earlier in the week so there is not much yet to add. Still delighted that she is settling and growing well. Am sure that she must have a competitive streak.


Drake 12-07-14


After two weeks Drake looks more or less the same. An impressive plant on delivery and has so far lost none of his spirit or charm.


Pygmy 12-07-14    Pygmy 12-07-14 II


Have been a little bit worried about Piggy, suspecting that he may have had a little too much sun. Marcel Lecoufle’s book, Carnivorous Plants: Care and Cultivation, confirms that pygmy sundews prefer shade or half-shade rather than the full sunlight preferred by other carnivores. To remedy this I have moved Piggy onto the South West facing External Kitchen Windowsill meaning that he will receive substantially less sun. Let’s see how he fares.


Venus 12-07-14    Aphro 12-07-14

Venus & Aphro

Nothing major to report about the fly traps. Venus’s solo trap remains healthy and the flower seems to have done it’s thang. Aphro opened one of his traps to reveal a munched fly but since then, despite still looking hungry there is nothing of particular interest. Certainly no signs of any developing flower stalks I am happy to say.


Mint 12-07-14 III    Mint 12-07-14    Mint 12-07-14 II

Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

It has been hot recently and although there have also been frequent showers it seems that Cass and Aggy require a bit more watering. I was under the impression that rain would provide enough lubrication but as can be seen from the photographs these ladies look thirsty despite. Have been told off by my girlfriend for starving them of water so from now on the ladies will be watered once a week, and we’ll see if they perk up. Am also seriously considering slug pellets in the tub as of all the plants, the mint seems to encourage the little gastropods most of all.


Calathea 12-07-14    Calathea 12-07-14 IV     Calathea 12-07-14 II     Calathea 12-07-14 III


After two weeks I have still not properly watered Gronda at the base of the plant. I have however misted the leaves three or four times each week. Is this enough watering? I must report that this week I have had to remove a dead leaf from near to the bottom of the plant and there are another two leaves, also near the bottom, that are beginning to brown. Is this because the leaves near the bottom do not get enough sunshine or is it because the plant is not getting enough water? The majority of the leaves are fine but one is showing signs of curling. From what I have read this is a surefire sign that the plant is not getting enough water. The watering recommendation was that the plant is watered heavily but allowed to drain. Time to act now maybe.


Eve's Needle Cactus 12-07-14


Hulk has also not been watered for two weeks but looks exactly the same as the day I brought him back from the shop. No signs of those spines falling off yet despite this cactus supposedly liking a bit more water than other cacti. Hulk just doesn’t seem bothered.


Snake 12-07-14


I noticed this week that we have similar plants at work in huge pots. Seems to suggest that these guys must be durable and resilient. This fella still hasn’t been watered apart from my daily shower when it gets quite humid in the bathroom. This state of affairs so far seems to be suiting snake so my policy of non-watering will continue.


Flapjack 12-07-14


Last, but certainly not least, we visit Flapjack. My girlfriend tonight accused me of not taking enough care of him and it is true to say that I have not watered him yet but that advice did say to err on the side of not watering and called the plant drought tolerant. Despite this my girlfriend has watered him and moved him outside where he now resides next to Piggy on the South West facing External Kitchen Windowsill. I am therefore taking new instruction on his care.

According to http://www.guide-to-houseplants.com/paddle-plant.html the plant should be kept outside and moved to sunlight gradually. The plant should be re-potted in spring and not in too much larger a container.

Other websites say that re-potting should occur ‘at the end of the potting season’. Cactus soil is recommended.

My girlfriend has therefore found him a home and says she will leave him as he is for now until she can get some cactus/succulent soil. Who am I to argue?


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