Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Delayed Growth and Dinner

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Sunny 09-07-14

I am most happy to report, following some sustained sunshine and the odd helpful shower, that Sunny is beginning to prosper in her own miniscule way. There are definite signs here of growth and some new shoots to speak of as well. Really proud that she’s beginning to give it some welly.


Drake 09-07-14    

Drake meanwhile is showing her how to do it. There also appear to be some small flies that have met a sticky end as Drake’s dinner, although these are alas too small to be shown with my camera. There is also a stalk that looks as if it is preparing to flower and given my issues with Venus I was worried about how this would affect the plant. However, the good news is that most advice on the internet says that it should not affect the flower adversely so I going to let Drake do his thang.


Aphro 09-07-14

Meanwhile, across the windowsill Aphro has been dining out on fly supper – go get ’em slayer!!


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