Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Last but Not Least

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Sunny 05-07-14


(on the South East facing External Kitchen Window sill)

Pygmy Sundew
Drosera dichrosepala

Delivered by courier from Suffolk and planted on Friday 4th July 2014


Advice Links:


The greatest stumbling block with this group of plants is getting them to survive through the long dry season. Often the plants, especially ones more than a few years old, die during this time, but a few should survive to produce gemmae. Just in case, you should have about 20 plants in at least two pots entering the summer season to ensure survival of at least one plant to produce the gemmae needed in the spring.”


From this advice above it appears that Piggy may not be around for long but fingers crossed.


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