Hargrave Triffid

A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Dendritic Reflective: Week 2

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Here is my review of progress after a fortnight:

Basil 28-06-14

The Basil Brothers

Have had to remove a few dead stems from both pots and give the lads a glug of water this week but progress is going well. Some evidence of slug chomping, as we have a bit of a slug problem within the house, but nothing too concerning. Possibility of more Italian cookery this week, so the brothers may be in demand!!


Pitcher 28-06-14     Pitcher 28-06-14 New Shoots      Pitcher 28-06-14 IV     Pitcher 28-06-14 III


Whilst nearly all of the tallest pitchers are beginning to die off, going brown and dry, with some developing large holes, the smaller pitchers look like they are doing well and there are plenty of new shoots as well. There has been some sun this week but also a lot of rain – I’m blaming Wimbledon which always seems to spell poor summer weather in London.

Weather Forecast w-c 29-06-14

The forecast shows that Pitch should hopefully get 5+ hours of sun each day in the coming week. Yesterday I also ordered some more soil mix so can hopefully soon make doubly sure that his rhizome is covered. Delivery should take about two weeks so I should get by mid-July.


Sundew 28-06-14 Sundew 28-06-14 II


To paraphrase a friend of mine, watching Sunny grow is like watching evolution itself. It’s been a fortnight now and there is nothing to report except that she is not dead. As I have previously stated, I was very disappointed that Sunny, whilst mature, was so tiny when she arrived.

Triffid Nurseries LIbrary Pic - Drosera nidiformis

The picture above is from the vendor’s website and was what I thought I would receive. Nuff said! As I was buying some new soil mix I thought I would order another sundew and I have therefore invested in some Drosera Anglica, a sundew species native to Britain and similar looking to nidiformis. I also ordered some Drosera dichrosepala, a pygmy sundew, for something a little different.


Venus 28-06-14 Venus 28-06-14 Flower


Although there are no signs of new traps forming, the two remaining traps still appear to be going strong. The flower is nearly out so I will have to decide whether I should remove this, it seems apparent that with mid summer not far gone there should still be new traps forming.


Mint 28-06-14 II     Mint 28-06-14

Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

Despite the photo-bombing by Pitch and those infernal slugs, Cass and Aggy continue to grow well. Think the sun and rain this week have suited them.


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