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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Dendritic Reflective: Week 1

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Here is my review of progress after a week:

Basil 21-06-14

The Basil Brothers

They’ve been cannibalised a bit this week for my culinary needs but they’re both doing pretty well. Leaves removed give way to new leaves, just a shame that Tall Basil seems to think he’s a tree. There are some smaller leaves coming on so hopefully these will even things out. Cooking a lot of Italian food at the moment though so I better not overdo it!


Pitcher 21-06-14    Pitcher 21-06-14 New Shoots


Pitch finally got a good dose of sun today. I have had a look at his crown and rhizome and have again raised it a little higher in the pot. The back rhizome is at such a slant and there are also quite a few little pitchers forming (as can be see in the second photo) so I have decided to build up the soil at the back of the rhizome and remove soil from the front. I have also placed the plant tag at the back of the rhizome so that I know where this is. I do not think that there is quite enough soil in the pot so I will be ordering some more carnivorous plant soil mix. The rhizome is not really supported enough in the soil and consequently the tall pitchers are dragging it forward. As can be seen in the first photo above I have also applied a loose elastic band to get the pitchers to stand to attention, meaning that those insects better watch out. Hope there’s no wind this week though.


Sun Dew 21-06-14 II     Sun Dew 21-06-14


Not much to report on Sunny. She’s so tiny that it’s difficult to see what’s going on in there and is even more difficult to photograph. Whispering so that the others don’t hear, I have to report that sun dews are my favourite carnivores. I was rather disappointed when I opened the envelope and discovered that Sunny was so small. She is a beauty but it’s gong to be sometime before I’ll be able to share a decent photograph of her with you. As I have to order some more soil mix it is tempting to order another sun dew and stick this one on the South West facing window sill to see if carnivores may prefer it there.


Venus 21-06-14     Venus 21-06-14 Backtrap


Venus seems okay although the back left trap and the front trap near to the ground are both now completely dead. The front trap was never properly open and not in great shape but the back left trap seemed okay. Venus is the only plant that has not been repotted since I acquired her. She also looks like she is due to flower soon. When previously owned venus fly traps have flowered this seems to mean that new traps do not grow anymore. I presume that this may be something to do with the plant using so much energy and nutrients in producing the flower, although it may just be my bad gardening. It is true to say that I have never got past the flowering stage before and it has always signalled the beginning of the end with my plants slowly diminishing after the flower has died. I did read somewhere that it is a good idea to pick the buds off as they flower but will have to check this. Having only two traps left is a bit of a worry although they both look to be in pretty good nick, particularly the tall one.


Mint 21-06-14

Cass and Aggy (The Moroccan Twin Sisters)

Comparison with last weeks picture show Cass and Aggy to be taller, although not quite as bushy following my removal of the dead leaves today following suspected slug damage. As it has rained a few times this week I have not even watered them, being petrified of over-watering them and knowing that mint is probably the hardiest plant in this collection. When tidying the girls up today, the leaves are not dry and smell pleasantly minty. The plants look healthy and provided the slugs stay away I’m confident that I will be sipping my first batch of mint tea soon. I must say that I am really looking forward to it.


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