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A Photographic Record of Plant Growth

Botanic Inequality

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Venus 18-06-14  Basil 18-06-14

A closer look at Venus’s shut back trap this morning made me think that something had become dinner largely because I thought I could see a bulge. I even wondered if one of those pesky slugs had met its match. However, when I checked this evening the trap had begun to open and there was no sign  of anything inside. Mixed feelings. Glad the trap’s opening back up but slightly disappointed that Venus isn’t a bona fide slug killa!!Would have gone a long way to solving my slug repellant problem.

Poor old Pitch seems to be struggling with the external conditions of the English Summertime. The South Eastern facing window sill gets good sunshine in the morning but by about 3pm the sun has moved round behind my neighbouring houses, meaning that if the sun doesn’t shine by 3, he’s gonna go wanting. This morning was grey and raining again and although the sun was out by evening I don’t think he’s had enough today to top up his tan. Not sure he’s had any real sun since he was planted and after surviving the trauma of being inside a parcel I’m beginning to worry as some of the taller pitchers begin to die off. This could just be part of the natural cycle, and I seem to remember the one pitcher I have previously owned doing something similar, but as Pitch is a native of the South Eastern USA I fear that the sun better shine soon. Poor little blighter must be wondering if it’s winter. Will post a picture on Sunday so to compare after a week’s progress.

In contrast to the attentive care that Sunny, Pitch and Venus are receiving I must guiltily report that the poor old Basil Brothers were tonight utilised in the production of a particularly delicious spaghetti bolognese. Oh the life of a working plant…


One thought on “Botanic Inequality

  1. Ah the human Carnivore! Sending love and willing sunshine to poor old Pitch. Hope the Summer solstice Simmons sum rays.

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